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Performance Projekte


Melanie Maar

Line Death Dance is a ceremonial improvisation for change. It has become a long term project in cooperation with organizations in Vienna and New York City since 2018.

Originally a performance residency conceived for ritualizing The Chocolate Factory Theater’s transition from their old building into their new one. Then things changed. A performance series, a book, a newsletter and now a film emerged from it.  


'More than ever I look to performance to hold us, to challenge us       and to entertain us with the mundane and the magical nowness specific to each context and perceiver. In ourselves and in each other, this togetherness can carry death as the very essence of the sensual a'live'ness. In many ways performance can serve as a practice of embracing dying in offering it’s unique psycho sensual reality now here then gone.

More about Line Death Dance previous phases:

Article in ArtZone New Zealand about Line Death Dance:

LINE DEATH DANCE the Newsletter archive

Co-created with Laurel Atwell. Newsletter project content is the

work of each collaborating artist.

MM by Laura Bartczak- Spaces and Tones(1



Author : Melanie Maar

Photographs : Laura Bartczak

Editor : Laurel Atwell

published and designed by ENTKUNSTUNG

The book is a sensual object. Images, pages, cover, text, texture.

Rather than a document it is created to be its own art object

inspired by live performance events.

The book was released in cooperation with ENTKUNSTUNG as

part of an online event in March 2021.

Apokaluptein Sentia Crow 2020 copy.jpg


EXIT SKIN | a short Film


scenographer and performer : Melanie Maar
filming, editin and sound: Brian Rogers

lighting: Madeline Best

other performers : Edith Greutmann and Nancy the snake

Exit Skin is a short film about the end of time. Apocalypse or Utopia set in a raw factory building and the city nature surround. Matriarchal icons, machinery and sensual texture come into symbiotic collision. Like a collage of abandoned essentials, randomly assembled guiding the eye through an alternate narrative of being.

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